Harvesting: Pak Choi

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Harvest Pak Choi

I do not wait for my pak choi to form a cabbage head, although it is possible to do a cut and come again method so that if you harvest the head you can grow another. I generally prefer to cut off individual leaves from the outer ring of the plant, this way it keeps producing and I can keep adding it to salads and instant ramen!

Harvest Pak Choi Harvest Pak Choi

These pak choi and another Asian green I'm growing are some of the worst hit by flea beetles. All those little holes are the nibblings of teensy tinsy flea beetles. The only real way to stop them seems to be to put tulle over plants so the adults can't lay eggs. But once you have them, they're in the soil for next year. Maybe beneficial nematodes...


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