Peak Leaf Peeping

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Peak Leaf Peeping in the Garden

After spending the summer enjoying evening cocktails in the garden, I've now switched to morning tea. Too cold for mosquitoes, perfect for sitting on a bench in a lightweight down jacket with a mug of creamy earl grey, accompanied by a furry country dogge, of course.

Peak Leaf Peeping in the Garden

In the spring, I spent hours and hours sowing seeds of sanity into the garden, and it's nice to have yields through all the beautiful seasons. I'm thankful everyday that I can do my leaf peeping and people watching without ever leaving my yard.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful view! When I lived in my old apartment I had a similar view from my deck. I bought a house less than a mile down the road, and I can catch a glimpse of tree-covered hills from my front yard, but it's nowhere near as spectacular a view. (The trade-off? Plenty of room in my back yard for gardens!)

rooth said...

Blergh, the mosquitoes are still buzzing around here. I'm ready for them to be gone!

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