Harvesting: Blue Hubbard Squash

Friday, November 20, 2020

lue hubbard squash, dog for scale

Dog for scale. One Blue Hubbard Squash seedling produced one single giant winter squash.

Blue hubbard squash in its new sling - don't grow these vertically!

So big it needed a sling as it decided to grow over the A-frame trellis. That's, like, a 10-15lb squash! The stem broke off while we tried to place it in the sling, so we had to mature it the rest of the way in the garden. A few months later it still looks pretty good!

Blue hubbard squash in the vegetable garden

Early in the vine's life, a squash vine borer drove through the start of the stem. This should've killed the plant, but it kept growing!

Squash Vine Borer damage, months later Blue hubbard squash growing

In fact, it wasn't done growing until we started hitting winter weather and I pulled it out!

Cleaning up the squash vines from the garden


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