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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Making a Felt Garlic Making a Felt Garlic

This garlic is nearly identical in instructions to the Felt Eggplant Tutorial, as they're both rather typical multi-pieced/multi-dimensional stuffies.

I believe I used white and brown craft felt from JoAnn Fabrics, all my patterns are meant to fit on one or more sheets of felt. The garlic can all be done with one white felt sheet.

This pattern is inspired by these vague instructions from Betty on Flickr. Please note that the garlic in my photos is rather too small, I've greatly increased the size of the garlic pattern to scale better!

  1. Print the pattern below without scaling.
  2. Cut out the pieces in the quantities listed in the pattern.
  3. Take two of the white felt pieces, line them up, and sew along one edge. Stop sewing a half-inch or so short of the other end, so that you have room to fill the garlic.
  4. Do the same for the remaining four pieces of white felt. And then sew the three pairs of white felt together in the same fashion. You should have an empty, inside-out garlic shell!
  5. Turn right-side out and stuff the garlic (I used fabric scraps which makes it lumpy - polyfill would be smoother).
  6. With a needle and thread, sew a loose running stitch along the top of the garlic. It's good to put this seam about a half-inch from the edge of the felt, so the garlic gets a pointy top!
  7. Pull the running stitch to cinch the garlic closed and secure the garlic top with several more hand-sewn stitches, before tying off.
  8. Finally, sew the brown felt circle to the bottom of the garlic, where the six seams align.

Felt Vegetable Pattern: Asparagus and Garlic

This pattern also includes the pattern for the Felt Asparagus play food tutorial, here. I try to save paper and combine the smaller patterns onto one sheet!

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