Dealing with a Bad Mosquito Season

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The Bug Bite Thing

In a bad mosquito year (which 2021 was), I am one of those people who gets one bite per 5 minutes. And then for several days, that bite will itch on and off until I've scratched it into an awful, scarring mess. When I went looking for a better anti-histamine approach, what I found was The Bug Bite Thing. It's basically a little suction that you use on your bug bite right after being bitten, and it sucks the insect venom out. It's very important that you follow instructions and use the minimal amount of suction necessary, or else you'll end up as a horror story in Amazon Reviews.

The product says not recommended for face or neck, but I've found I can do so without severe bruising or other problems, simply by using the minimum amount of suction needed (i.e., barely any pull), and use twice for 10 seconds each time. For arms, legs, and other less bruise-able regions, I am less cautious with suction amount, and use it twice for 20 seconds.

Gets rid of future itchiness every time! And has resulted in far, far fewer bug bite scars for me this season. It doesn't stop them from biting, and sometimes I do spend up to 10 minutes at a time just treating the bites, but I still say it's a grand improvement.


rooth said...

I also get eaten alive by mosquitoes and was wondering if this actually works - I may have to give it a try

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