Garden Critters

Friday, September 24, 2021

Frog in the zinnia Frog in the basil
September 12 & 11, 2021

Been spotting lots of little bug predators around the garden this season. Which is good, because due to the early rains (and absurd heat?) we've been having an absolutely torturous mosquito year. I get one bite for every 5 minutes I'm outdoors, although not for long...autumn! In the menatime, I've been startled by these little frogs perched on the top of my basil, zinnia, hydrangea, and coneflower plants.

Tobacco hornworm covered in parasitic wasp coccoons
September 10, 2021

Also spotted these parasitoid wasp coccoons on a tobacco hornworm. This process essentially kills the hornworm, and keeps it from eating the rest of my tomatoes. I find hornworms so, so gross. So, thank you wasps. These little parasitic wasps are teensy tinsy and don't sting humans, they're the good guys!

Turtle in the meadow
September 12, 2021

A few days later, found this turtle in the backyard, moving along the deer path. When we came back from our walk, he was gone. 'Guess he got a sniff of the dog and decided to peace out.

5 ft from a groundhog Groundhog
September 19, 2021

And then there was our resident groundhog, above. I swore he was dead, I got within 5 feet of him and he wasn't moving, but didn't want to get closer as I had the dog with me. But when we returned from our walk he was also gone...and then the other day I spotted him trundling across the yard, so I guess the joke was on me!


rooth said...

Apparently groundhogs can be a real nuisance because of the holes and tunnels that they dig - have you guys had any issues with yours?

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