Preventing Bug-Bitten Dahlia Blooms

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Covering Labyrinth Dahlia blooms to prevent bugs eating them

Bugs were nibbling my star-of-the-show Labyrinth Dahlia blooms before they could even open. So now, I stick organza bags on the buds until they get a chance to get going. A simple problem, a simple solution.

Labyrinth Dahlia (dinnerplate) - about to bloom
Labyrinth Dahlia (dinnerplate) - mid-bloom
Labyrinth Dahlia (dinnerplate) - almost ready to be cut!

Once they get decently sized, I remove the bag and let the bloom go, and we get some nice stunners, like this one:

Labyrinth Dahlia - Growing out a bit more

No bug bites!


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