Gardening Assistant

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Dog helps landscaping

When your best gardening assistant is your only gardening assistant...

Dog sleeping in the chives Dog sleeping in the dandelions
Dog sleeping in the kale
Dog asleep in vegetable garden
Dog sleeping during squash pruning

...being asleep on the job isn't so bad, when the alternative is eating the produce:

Dog wants French breakfast radishes
Dog attacks lettuce Dog likes purple asparagus...
Dog shredding kohlrabi leaves

But most of the time, it's posing for pretty pictures...

Dog in the flower garden
Dog in dandelion tufts
Dog in the flower garden
Dog in the flower garden Flower Crown Samoyed

...or guarding the head gardener...

Dog guards flower garden Dog asparagus lookout
Dog behind the garlic
Dog and Johnson's Blue Geraniums

...or being a weirdo...

Dog with asparagus ferns
Dog in the squash leaves
Dog on a garden bench
Dog with kale sunbrella

...when not working on a personal "project."

The dog working on her "project"
The dog, sitting in her "project"

And with only a little bit of complaining.

Howling in the garden


Dan said...

aww yayyy this post makes me so happy :D also, hi!

rainmelon said...

She's giving blue steel vibes on that marble slab.

rooth said...

LOL these are hilarious. The only veggies that Bowie will eat are carrots. Everything else he spits out!

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