How To: Felt Garland

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Felt Garland

I was looking for a good handmade garland project to decorate my apartment for the holidays, when I stumbled upon this flickr photo. It has lots of great ideas, but I went with a modified version of the blanket stitch garland, which I describe below.

Step 0: Materials
Step 0: Materials

Felt, lots of colors
Embroidery thread, needle
Sewing thread, needle
Circular object to trace (I used a 4" diameter cardboard circle, but you could use a can or a jar)

Step 1: Trace circles onto felt & cut out
Step 1: Cut Out Felt Circles

Step 2: Blanket stitch edges of each single felt circle
Step 2: Blanket Stitch Felt Circles

The blanket stitch is described here.

Step 3: Sew circles together
Step 3: Sew Circles Together Step 3: Sew Circles Together

Step 4: Keep sewing circles together until satisfied
Step 4: Keep Sewing Circles Together

Step 5: Hang garland
Finished Holiday Felt Garland

...I should really work on a more cohesive color scheme, but random colors are nice for Christmas.
Holiday Felt Garland


Katie said...

Very cute! I've made a garland with just the felt squares, but the blanket stitching adds such a nice touch!

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