Umbra Wallflower Wall Decor, Take 2

Monday, February 22, 2010

Painted Umbra Wall Flowers from the front

Awhile back I posted a photo of my spray painted yellow/orange Umbra Wall flower Wall decor on my refrigerator. I took a spare set of the lime green plastic flowers, sanded them a bit, then put several coats of off-white latex wall paint on them. With some metal tacks, they stick to the wall and their matching color makes them rather subtle and unassuming.
Painted Umbra Wallflowers from the side

Or, unassuming when accompanied by a wall full of the craziness that is my living room. So long as they don't move around much, or fall, the paint won't chip. (The chipping is more a problem with the refrigerator flowers, as they tend to get knocked off frequently).

Dinette Wall (as of 2/13/10)


sunkentreasure said...

Nice wall!

h said...

Thanks! It's more out of necessity than design. Without the busy-wall I'd have nowhere to stick random presents and creations.

Michelle said...

Oh wow, your print looks great, so does your whole wall. Thanks for sharing :)

h said...

Thanks, Michelle! I *really* love your work! It's amazing.

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