No More Fake Flowers, Ugh

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fuchsii v Gracillis Air Plant

As part of some holdover from my apartment in Philadelphia, I still seemed to hang onto fake sunflowers in vases in my Pittsburgh apartment. Enough is enough. The idea is to put something interesting/natural in the place of the fake, so I've replaced dust-covered fakeness with the above Fuchsii v Gracillis airplant in a thimble cup from Pigeon Toe Ceramics and a pentagon glass/brass display case from etsy/Hello Victory...
Dried Craspedia

...along with 10 stems of dried Craspedia (i.e., Billy Balls) also from Pigeon Toe Ceramics. The living room and bedroom look that much less old lady-ish, despite all the doilies (not pictured).
Fake Living Room Flowers Replaced Fake Flowers with Air Plant
Fake Sunflowers Replaced Fake Flowers with Craspedia


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