How To: Corsage T Shirt

Friday, August 6, 2010

Corsage T Shirt, completed

I posted photos of this shirt over a year ago, but thought I'd procrastinate a bit and share the actual how to :)

Step 0: Gather Materials

Materials: Two knit t-shirts (or 1 shirt + knit fabric. Try mismatch material), Scissors, Needle, Thread, and a Petal-pattern (below) cut from paper.

Print out the petal pattern, and then cut it from the paper. It should be about 3 inches wide and 2.75 inches tall (but you can play with the shape however you like).

Step 1: Cut Petals from Spare Fabric

I removed the sleeves on my spare T-shirt and used that fabric for the petals. I used 10 petals, but you can play with the number.

Feel free to try mismatching fabric, from different shirts and sources.

Step 2: Sew Petals to Shirt

Place the petals on the shirt, play with the arrangement until you find one you like. Start sewing the petals to the shirt, bottom-most petal first. I doubled my thread to strengthen the attachment...and I used a backstitch, but a running stitch would work just as well here.

Petal Sewing, Close Up

I sewed the petals with the point of the heart mostly pointing downwards. I also used a variety of stitch patterns as shown.

Step 3: Done!

After you've attached all the petals, then you're done!

The shirt can be machine washed (according to the garment instructions), inside out. The petals, despite being unfinished, should not fray very much.

Corsage T Shirt, completed


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