Success: Everyday Chocolate Cake

Sunday, August 8, 2010

i: It's a perfect one-bowl chocolate cake, but not the mind-blowing-will-fix-all-your-mental-problems cake. It takes all kinds.
j: Adding hot fudge may help that in my experience.
i: Well. Sometimes I like to eat chocolate cake for breakfast, and if it's less sweet, then I feel less guilty about it, haha

** This has been pointed out to me as the most stereotypically "girly" thing I've ever said.

Everyday Chocolate Cake

Umm. Yeah. I'm not gonna lie. I just had this chocolate cake from SmittenKitchen (with the non-dutched cocoa substitution) for breakfast. And I don't feel guilty. Not even a bit.

Everyday Chocolate Cake

It's verging on too-sweet for breakfast, but is so easy and simple to put together. It's such a great improvement over my previous experience. Will.make.again.

Everyday Chocolate Cake


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