Hand Turkeys

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Party Invitations

It's that time again, time for making paper invitations to my annual cohort dinner party (in which we drink a lot of egg nog). My linoleum blocks finally expired, so I improvised with paint and construction paper.

I googled "hand turkey" for these holiday dinner party invites. I'm not really sure why, as the concept is quite elementary [school]. I needed to make a smaller version of my hand to fit on the paper and still have room for text, so I used Illustrator to make a smaller outline of my hand. I think they're kinda cute.

Holiday Party Invitations


Kris said...

so fun!

iris said...

Thanks! I think I exploited the fact that kid's crafts are supposed to have imperfections. ...because these cards have a lot, haha.

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