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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Breakin' in the boots
My boots. My boots. My lovely lady boots.

I went on a little 2.5 mile tour to start the break-in process of my new hiking boots that I recently purchased 24% off at REI's annual anniversary sale (runs until Memorial Day). Um, and I think I may have bought their entire stock of freeze-dried beef stroganoff. This stuff lasts for seven years, so stocking up during a 20% off sale is a good idea...right?

I bought all of REI's freeze-dried food least I'll be prepared for the apocalypse...

I spent a small fortune on boots, hiking socks, and sock liners, to prevent backpacking blister disasters I've encountered in the past. Hopefully, with these countermeasures and slowly breaking-in my boots, we will avoid all catastrophes.

my [planned] plan for hiking blister prevention
Step 1: polypropylene sock liners. cushioned merino wool hiking socks. blister band-aids. pain killers.
Step 2: wear new boots around the apartment.
Step 3: short walks around town. <-- where I am now
Step 4: longer and longer walks.
Step 5: day hikes.

Azaleas Mushrooms
Bearded Irises Sunset Sky at Overlook Drive


Jennifer Fabulous said...

These photos are beautiful, especially the one of the sky. :) Plus, love your new hiking shoes!!

Meri said...

I hope the blister prevention is successful! I love hiking too :)

Mikelle Jade said...

looks like such a beautiful hike!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Love your hiking shoes!!! It sounds like you're really into hiking, that's so cool!! Beautiful photos :)

shannon*bear said...

Huzzah for new boots! One of my favorite things in the world! I love creating a relationship with my new trail buddies when I get them! Have a blast with them and many adventures! I've never tried freeze dried anything, but it sounds interesting. We usually take a dutch oven (pain to carry but so worth it) for out meals. Photos - gorgeous!

xo Shannon

PS: I may actually look into making a hiking dress. I think maybe a wee pillowcase dress is just the ticket ;-)

Bel said...

Haha Those are a pre-requisite for any hiking trip! :D

<3 Belly B

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