Research Before Badmouthing, Always

Friday, October 21, 2011

I overheard a conversation in the grocery store between a cashier and a customer. Well, it was really more of a rant from the cashier, and it went something like this:

"Yeah, those people at Wall Street don't know what they want. They're just angry, is all. They're angry and they can't figure out what it is they want, so they're just going to be angry."

There's two basic rules being broken here, but the one I care about is this: do your research before putting others down. Do your research from multiple sources. Fox News is bad by itself, but okay when mixed with other sources. Oh, and your local news is questionable. I have nothing against understanding the full range of opinions, but I do have something against an ill-informed opinion used to judge others. It's breaking my heart.

And now, some random information sources on the issues, so everyone can (at the very least) be catty and judgmental with some information to back them up.

"Official" SourcesNot-so-official-but-thought-provoking Sources
The other rule the cashier broke? Well I just broke it, too. No discussing politics with strangers ;)


Jenna @ said...

Blahh I hate it when people give their political views but have no reputable sources/information to back them up! A friend I love dearly has an awful habit of doing this. Very annoying!

Stephanie said...

I pretty much try not to get into politics with anyone, because I want to be open minded and non-judgmental. I personally love that people are taking to the streets to protest the corruptness of banks of government. People should always be informed on all points of view with anything concerning politics.

Great post! : )

Anonymous said...

ugh, I HATE talking politics. I know this is bad, but I just really don't care.

but I agree. How about you know what you're talking about before opening your big mouth?

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia said...

Agreed on both counts! I (especially) dislike talking politics!

h said...

It's not so bad to dislike talking politics, so long as you're informed about them. Know what you're doing before you head into that voting booth ;)

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