Washington DC, a Five Year Review

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Washington Monument.

The last post mentions a brief trip to Washington DC that J and I took in December, which brought my total number of 2011 trips to Washington DC to three. It was good to spend some time eating, visiting rainmelon, and unwinding after a difficult semester. We also got to play with J's Xmas present, a Nikon D5100 (it beats the heck out of the old D40).

We went to Zaytinya again, and it is still my favorite food in the entire world. Although, I'm also rather fond of Matchbox in Chinatown, ohhh, and the Amsterdam Falafel Shop in Adam's Morgan. None of this food tourism would be possible without Washington DC's most awesome Metro system. It really is one of the best I've ever experienced.

We spent an entire day walking the National Mall with the Capitol, Washington Monument, WW2 Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, the new Martin Luther King Junior Memorial, and the White House. The next day was spent doing the Smithsonian Museums by ducking in and out of the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, Air & Space Museum, Natural History Museum, and the American History museum. We really just pick and chose based on a whim. The last half day was spent at the Air & Space Museum Udvar Hazy Center out by the airport.

Nothing says fun like free museums :)

Inside one of the hangers at the Air and Space Museum Satellites.  A Bunch.
MLKjr Memorial. A tree.  Covered in stuff.
The White House.
The United States Capitol Building.

I lived just outside of Washington DC during the summer of 2006, when I totally burned myself out on museums. It's wild to think of how much life has changed since then. I interned in Scotland, became a PhD student, moved to Pittsburgh, broke my own heart, traveled the Greek Islands and Thailand by myself, magically procured an awesome boyfriend through the powers of the internet, learned to ask for help, started cooking like it was my job, and absolutely and utterly failed to keep up my yoga habit (multiple times). Five more years of that wouldn't be so bad.


Anonymous said...

I love DC! And honestly, I agree...you never know where you'll end up and that's what's so exciting about life.

Stephanie said...

DC is one of my favorite places. I don't get to visit as often as I would like since I'm on the west coast, but I daydream about it often. : )

I loved your recap of the last five years. Such a beautiful way to look at life!

memory said...

i'm not much of a D.C. fan, i've been there 3 times. (i live in the country and love it here) my brother loves D.C. though and would love to live there.

i enjoyed picking out the places you went that i went to too. (: the metro is by far one of my favorite things about D.C., it's so fun to ride!


Unknown said...

Love these photos! I have never been to DC, but I want to.

The Blonde Duck said...

I've only been to DC once, but I loved it!

missris said...

Ahhh beautiful photos! We went to DC over new years and also did the whole walk-the-monuments route. It's quite a hike!

Nicole said...

So glad you love DC. I love it too. It's great here. And Zaytinya is a great spot. Great food and it's not too expensive. Your pictures are fabulous by the way.

Deidre said...

Wow! It looks like an amazing trip. The first time I went to DC I got totally monumented and musuemed OUT.

I just tagged you on my blog: http://www.decoybetty.com/2012/01/11-things.html

tinajo said...

I´ve been in DC once and I liked it a lot! :-)

The Zadge said...

I lived in D.C. for 37 years! Next time you go, you must try Raisika - absolutely to die for high-end gourmet Indian Food. It was Prez Clinton's favorite restaurant.

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