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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A word to the wise: don't start with the walk-in closet. There will be tears.

I feel like I have more stuff than anyone on this planet.


Unknown said...

Just keep eating brownies!! You will look back on this crazy period one day when things are mundane and think, man...I should have relished in that craziness!

Happy packing and transitioning, friend!

missris said...

I once moved from an apartment with two walk-in closets to an apartment with zero. It was a hard transition, to say the least. But with years of tetris training backing me up, I managed to pack and move everything I owned with minimal tears. I have faith you will be able to do the same :)

Az said...

This reminds me of my Mother. When she moved house, she had to get rid of a third of her stuff... and it was very tough :)

Alie said...

I feel your pain!!! I'm moving from a two bedroom apartment into a 490 sq ft efficiency... I just got rid of so much stuff! I donated most of it, but it was definitely HARD! Hang in there :D

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