Seattle Seafood Fest

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ballard Seafood Fest & Farmer's Market

I don't eat seafood. But. I will go to seafood festivals. Apparently. But then, I won't purchase any seafood. Just copious quantities of giant sugar snap peas. And blue potatoes. Naturally.

What else does one buy at a seafood festival?!

Green Veggies, Giant Peas
Morroccan Mint Tea
Pork, that way


Jamie said...

This made me homesick for Seattle!

Sam | Away She Went said...

I LOVE seafood! I might never leave a seafood festival! I wish we had those in Arizona - we only have taco festivals! haha

rooth said...

How cool! I love mussels and I'm sure the ones they had there were delicious. Yum Pacific coast mussels..

Stephanie said...

FUN! I love seafood, and I love snap peas. So this sounds glorious! : )

missris said...

You don't eat seafood?! But it's so delicious!

SARAH said...

With fresh seafood so rare in this landlocked state, I'd definitely be down for a festival full of it!

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