A Good 'Ole Fashioned Foot-Numbing at Golden Gardens

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Golden Gardens Sunset
Um. You guys. That is five miles from my house. Well, my temporary house. My house for two more weeks :'(

I am a Jersey girl at heart. If there's not summer sand between my toes and salt in my hair, we have a problem. I guess this year, I'll settle for the Puget Sound. Even though it is foot-numbingly frigid.

Golden Gardens through my sunglasses
Golden Gardens Sea Gull Golden Gardens Sailboat
BBQ at Golden Gardens
Blackberries on the Burke-Gilman near Golden Gardens
Oh, and there's wild blackberries growing everywhere. More on that later.


missris said...

Gorgeous photos! I'm sad to report I haven't been to the beach (or Lake Michigan, which I kind of consider the beach) a single damn time. Sad trombone.

rooth said...

Wow, that's an escape for sure. Lucky you!

S.I.F. said...

Beautiful! Hope you are having an amazing time, and enjoying those blackberries!

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