Fool Me Twice

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Glass Ornaments at the Redmond School of Glass
I once took an eight week glass blowing class, in which I only burned myself twice! Before you think that sounds impressive, you should know that most people don't typically burn themselves at all. Who knows what that says about me.

All I know is that I attended a 4 hour workshop on making glass blown ornaments, and did not pick up my old habits. Of course, the instructors did nearly all of the work, so the ornament I made, well, I barely made.

I could just sit and watch hot glass for hours.
Rolling in Some Color
Glass Blowing Tools
Glass Blowing at the Redmond School of Glass


Eyelah said...

I made a glass ornament one holiday season at a local glass blowing place and it was awesome. granted the instructor was holding the pole with me and I just blew but it was still pretty cool to be so close.

missris said...

These are really beautiful! I'm so impressed. If I tried to take a glassblowing class I'd probably accidentally set myself on fire.

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