Wedding Doily

Sunday, June 30, 2013

'Morning Tea' Doily by Ocie Jordan

Another wedding, another doily! I picked a design from the lamely-named Leisure Arts "Tea Time Doilies" and crocheted up this 'Morning Tea' doily by Ocie Jordan which Ravelry tells me I've made once before, but no matter; a good lookin' doily is a good lookin' doily, either way.

Why are doily book names so darn lame?!

'Morning Tea' Doily by Ocie Jordan


Rebe said...

Wow, looks great!

Annie Smith said...

Curious to hear what you would name your doily book?? :)

Probably the biggest issue is that 'doily' is such a weird word, hard to be witty with that one! You do make the doily look much less 'tea-party-esque' with that popping red color..super cute.

KT My Lady said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!

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