Greek Islands: Crete

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm sharing some extended details of my Greek Islands trip from the other year while busy with work. The trip itinerary can be found here.

Chania Harbor in Crete
I think Crete is possibly my most favorite Greek Island. It has everything: ancient ruins at Knossos, multiple cities, beautiful beaches, and hiking at Samaria Gorge. Renting a car is a definite necessity and an adventure. Especially when jetlagged. All meals tend to come with complimentary desserts and Greek raki shots. We spent plenty of hours just sitting in cafes drinking. Nobody seems to be pushing anything. It was fantabulous.

Iraklio is a lovely little city. It feels very modern European, but not very large. Knossos, with the Greek ruins, is a nice side trip in between towns. Plakias is the ultimate laid-back beach town with cheap-ish fruity drinks in the sand at night. Spili, with the tastiest spring water, is on the way to Rethymno which has an old fortress with a beautiful view. Chania's Venetian port is a lovely tourist destination with great beaches in the surrounding villages.

I may've gone for work, but staying for the vacation was a wise decision.

Leaving Knossos
Knossos, Home of the Minotaur
Knossos, Home of the Minotaur
Iraklio, Crete Harbor
Plakias Beach
Plakias Beach Sunset Preveli Beach
Preveli Beach
The Fort at Rethymno
The Fort at Rethymno
Spring Water at Spili
Dessert in Chania Chania Harbor
Chania Habor Sunset
Chania Harbor Sunset Chania Harbor
The Beach at Kalamaki

  • Crete, 8 days
  • Santorini, 2 days
  • Athens, 1 day


missris said...

Nobody pushing anything? Fruity drinks in the sand? I want to go to there.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. :) I've been to Crete once, with my family. We stayed at Chania.

x Satu
Indie by heart

Jillian said...

Yowza! Crete is a beauty. I can not wait to visit Greece. Someday.

Annie Smith said...

Okay, this is definitely on my list of places...gorgeous photos! You are always such an inspiration to me with your traveling adventures. :) I remember learning about the greek frescos in art history and thinking, "now that would be a sexy holiday!!"

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