Success: Earl Grey Tea Cookies

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Earl Grey Tea Cookies
Slowly coming out of hibernation. A month of doing nothing but work and cooking. When I look at my 70-paged slide deck and my brain turns blank, I bake cookies. Or a cake. Or make dinner for tomorrow and the next day and the next and the next. Mind clearing, belly filling.

Finally, something to do with that delightful earl grey besides drink it. Drink allll of it. These earl grey tea cookies from TheKitchn are very mildly flavored with my cream earl grey loose leaf and are a pleasant butter cookie. Extra handy for when you only want to make small batches and freeze part of the batter for another day. Other than that, it's not exceptional. Just a different flavor for those who are tired of chocolate chip (WHO GETS TIRED OF CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES?!).

Earl Grey Tea Cookies
Earl Grey Tea Cookies


My Garden Diaries said...

It is so nice though to change it up and these look delicious! Sounds like you have been busy! Baking does make for a great you get to eat it and what's better than that! Hope you are staying warm! Lovely week to you! Nicole xo

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