Packing List: Glamping Car Camping

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Battery-operated fan, travel alarm clock, eReader/books, Black Diamond Apollo Lantern, camp chair, citronella incense sticks, a vinyl tarp, LLBean King Pine 4 Person Tent (with screened vestibule!), solar recharging kit, paper towels, Nalgene Flask, micro camp table, queen-sized air mattress, firewood x2 (not from out of state), camp grill stove, spatula, survival knife, telescoping fork, ice blanket, 2x frozen half-gallon jugs of water, glass or plastic bottles for disposing of grill grease (we pick up a couple frappuccino bottles for J's caffeine needs), tent repair supplies, giant cooler, daypack, nice hiking boots, swimsuit, wool hiking socks, sock liners, camp flip flops,sunglasses, a bandana, and a sarong (it's a dress! it's a picnic blanket! it's a towel!)

Glamping = Glamour camping, (i.e., car camping)
Glamping packing = A change of clothes + Backpacking Packing List + above glamping accessories + food

I've created the above addendum to my backpacking packing list to create a car camping packing list. If you combine the supplies from my Yosemite Backpacking Packing List (below) with the above too-heavy-to-haul items, you've got camping in slightly more comfort. Of course, there's a bit of overlap. You probably don't need an ultralight stove if you've got a Coleman grill stove. Nor would you need a backpacking pack if you're not actually going backpacking. And many of the backpacking items become semi-optional, in light of most standard car-camping facilities (I'm looking at you, water treatment), while many of the glamping items are just straight up unnecessary (alarm clock, solar charger). But an air mattress is not one of these things. An air mattress seriously changes the camping game. Believe me.

Throw whatever in the car, and book it to the nearest park.

Row 1: Chemical water treatment (backup for the filter), Water filter, Cookset (or part of it, anyways), Tiny camp stove and fuel, Fire starter, Magnetic bear bell, and Toilet paper.
Row 2: SLR Gorillapod, Camera, Sporks, Waterproof matches, Pocketknife, Itch/Rash ointment, Clear nail polish (stops fraying), and SPF chapstick/nail file/toiletries/etc.
Row 3: Lightweight tent, First Aid Kit, Extra pain-killers (because backpacking can hurt), Sunscreen, Blister Care, Stuff sacks, Compression sacks, Dry bag, Dr. Bronners soap (it's biodegradeable!), and Soap case.
Row 4: Microfiber camp towel, Camp lantern, Mummy sleeping bag, Headlamp, Compressible pillow, Back-up sleeping mat (for those times when the air mattress deflates), Plastic bags, GPS (optional), Nalgene water bottles (or swap one for a Water bladder), Paracord (or straps or something to tie stuff with), ~60L Backpack, Pack rain cover, and Trekking poles.


missris said...

Air mattress=life changing. We're doing a bunch of glamping this summer, and high on the list of necessary items is a portable French press. Yuppie glamping at its finest.

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