Success: Weirdo Pies

Sunday, January 11, 2015

When mom wasn't in the mood to make pies for Xmas, I volunteered to make "weirdo pies". Instead of the usual pumpkin and cherry, we had Joy the Baker's Sweet Potato Pie and TheKitchn's Chocolate Chess Pie. This wasn't the first time I made the sweet potato pie, having made it earlier in the month for a dinner party...but I think it's going to be the last time. Just soooo much effort for something that is a close second to a pumpkin pie. Which is considerably easier.

It's also not the first time I've made a chocolate chess pie, although this time I had help from my youngest brother and we used a premade traditional pie crust instead of a chocolate graham cracker crust. The filling was still considerably more shallow than one expects from a pie, and I'm not sure how to fix that (except to use a smaller pie dish?). However, it still tasted fine with the traditional crust, maybe slightly less sweet which is a good thing! Chocolate chess pie is so easy, and there's a fair chance you already have all of the ingredients on hand. Make it any time for a chocolate/brownie fix!


My Garden Diaries said...

They both look so delicious! I am going to have a look at those!!! Have a great week ahead lady! Nicole xo

rooth said...

I made some "weirdo" pies for Christmas and even though I made the butternut squash one from scratch, it was probably not worth the effort and could have saved a lot of time with regular pumpkin

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