Tiny Wooden Souvenir Crate

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Carlsbad Caverns Souvenir Improvement (Wooden Box!)

When we were in New Mexico J bought himself this little Carslbad Caverns souvenir that lit up the clay replica of the caverns when a light shown through the top. Although, for some unknown reason, he decided to destroy the cardboard box that was responsible for the "light up" effect:

Carlsbad Caverns - Step 1 - Destroy Cardboard Box

And so J spent a large portion of his vacation in January on reconstructing the cardboard box out of tiny balsa wood slats. It turned out quite well. And now it's personalized with our names and dates! We're pretty darn fancy around these parts.

Carlsbad Caverns - Step 3 - Cut Balsa
Carlsbad Caverns - Step 5 - Glue Balsa
Carlsbad Caverns - Step 6 - Woodburn Words
Carlsbad Caverns - Step 7 - Sign and Date


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