Success: Curried Vegetable Soup

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Curried Vegetable Soup

I have made this Curried Vegetable Soup from TheKitchn twice now. It's great to make right after the slow cooker chicken tikka masala, as it'll use up that half a can of coconut milk and you make it in the slow cooker before you put it away (in the deepest depths of your shelves). The first time, I made the soup exactly as specified by the recipe. The second time, I used two green peppers and dropped the red pepper. I also added in a half cup of leftover red lentils. Both soups came out fantastic, and they freeze well (even if you put the coconut milk in before freezing). So. I've been living off this soup for lunch for months.

This is just a tasty winter staple, now.

Curried Vegetable Soup


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