Southern Spain Trip: Marbella

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Marbella, Spain

J and I are big fans of the umbrella + chair + drink service on the beach setup that you find sometimes in other countries. It was exactly this set up that we found on the Adoran Sea in Marbella. Most beach towns are quite similar, and they really only vary in the types of cuisine and their access to day trips: to this Marbella was no exception. However, sitting on a beach for four days is pretty much the ultimate in relaxation for me, so I relished it. Put me somewhere where there's nothing to do, and I cannot make a todo list! The beach is lovely for this.

We did get around a little bit: wandering around Marbella's old town, J went out golfing with my dad/brother/uncle, and drove the rental car for a day trip to Ronda which will be in the next post.

The Beaches of Marbella, Spain
The Beaches of Marbella, Spain
Beach drink service
Princesa Playa Balcony View
Religious Parade
Marbella Old Town
Marbella, Spain at sunset
Marbella Country Club Golf Course
Marbella Old Town Marbella Old Town
Cat faceplant
Beaches of Marbella, Spain
Impressive Sandcastles
Beaches of Marbella, Spain

Seville, Spain, 3 days
Cordoba, Spain, 1 day
Granada, Spain, 2 days
Marbella, Spain, 3 days
Ronda, Spain, 1 day


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