Canada Trip: Halifax

Friday, July 3, 2015

Macdonald Bridge

I didn't spend much time in Halifax, but what time I did was spent eating fantastically. Fantastic pizza at Salvatore's and fantastic breakfast at The Coastal. I mean, who even makes french toast with pineapple preserves, and coconut whipped mascarpone. WHO MAKES THAT?!

What else I saw of north Halifax was incredibly reminiscent of Pittsburgh. Bridges, run down homes for young professionals, intermingled with new gentrification, etc. etc. Looks like a lovely place to live.

This was a great brief working vacation, although I was fairly thankful to be back to the 'States where my cell phone started working properly again and I no longer had to use paper maps to navigate!

The Coastal Cafe
Life - Paper Maps, No GPS

Bay of Fundy, 1 night
Prince Edward Island, 3 nights
Halifax, 1 night


rainmelon said...

Iris, admit it -- you miss flipping through your pages and pages of maps as we make multiple U-turns ;-).

iris said...

Manual map zoom.

rooth said...

Any city with bridges is alright by me. And tell me it wasn't nice to unplug for a bit??

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