Camping: Ohiopyle & Kentuck Knob

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ohiopyle Falls

One last camping trip before we leave Pennsylvania. Ohiopyle State Park, because it's close by and has lots of stuff to do, even in the rain. Which we had a lot of! We stayed at one of the Kentuck Campground walk-in sites (#108), which was a looooong walk from the parking lot, but a short walk to the bathrooms. When booking those walk-in sites, definitely be conscious of how close it is to the parking, you could be hauling all your gear up to a quarter mile!

A friend of mine's only experience with camping was a rather grueling backpacking trip years ago, and J and I figured we'd show that camping doesn't have to be miserable. Even in the rain. We set up a tarp over the picnic table, went on small hikes, ate lunch under trees, and watched waterfalls. We ambled around the Ferncliff Trails which allowed us to watch for whitewater kayakkers coming down the river, and to see Ohiopyle Falls across from the visitor center. We would've tried Meadow Run Trail or Beech Trail (near Kentuck Campground), too, but the rain sort of made that an undesirable option.

The rain also made a third campfire on our second morning an absolute necessity. How else are you gonna finish off those s'mores?

Walk-in site 108
flaming marshmallow
Bacon with grill marks
Kentuck Campground in Ohiopyle, PA
Watching Whitewater Kayakkers
Looking at water
Ohiopyle Falls
Ohiopyle Falls
Autumn is coming.
Ohiopyle Falls
Goldfinch in Coneflowers
turkey sammich
Cucumber Falls
Setting up a path
Cucumber Falls

Oh, and we also saw Frank Llyod Wright's Kentick Knob and sculpture meadow. J and I first visited Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater (also super near to Ohiopyle) six months into our relationship. So capping both the beginning and the end of our Pennsylvania time with Frank Lloyd Wright seemed appropriate.

We spent the remainder of the trip using Usonian as a synonym for plebeian.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Kentuck Knob
Frank Lloyd Wright's Kentuck Knob Frank Lloyd Wright's Kentuck Knob
Frank Lloyd Wright's Kentuck Knob
Kentuck Knob Statue Meadow
Enjoying the scenery
Kentuck Knob Statue Meadow
Red Army from afar
Red Army
Piece of the Berlin Wall Doomsday Apple
Kentuck Knob Statue Meadow
Giant caterpillar
autumn is coming.


Andrea said...

I just went camping there this past weekend. Lovely place!

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