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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ikea Hack - Moppe Mini Chest

What started as a birch plywood Ikea Moppe mini chest a neighbor left in the lobby, has turned into this nice little Raspberry Pi organizer for J. I started by painting the fronts of the drawers with a white enamel paint, and it hung around like that for awhile, looking like a miniature doppelganger of our birch veneer Ikea Expedit shelves. But then I decided to class it up a bit with some Special Walnut 224 stain leftover from our headboard tutorial awhile back.

It's amazing how you can transform an untreated wood piece with a bit of stain and some paint. Even if it's one of Ikea's cheapest pieces!

Ikea Hack - Moppe Mini Chest
Ikea Hack - Moppe Mini Chest
White Irises in a Blue vase


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