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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wax Sealed Envelopes

Note: If you're going to use sealing wax on an outer envelope, be sure to use flexible wax. Also, use as little wax as possible (~4 drops) as thicker bits might get caught in the USPS processing machines and cause the envelopes to need hand-canceling. This can cost you extra postage! Sealing wax is best for inner envelopes and hand-delivered letters.

Or just sealing wax. I've had bits of gold and red sealing wax candles sitting around for awhile, and decided to whip 'em out for the current round of thank you cards. Cheap and easy way to feel super fance. It's kinda fun and makes me wish I had more excuses to send out envelopes.

When I bought this kit ~8 years ago there wasn't much variety, but when I checked Etsy today, the selection is amazing. I would've definitely gone for a fancier 'I'. Capital I ends up looking so dull in most fonts! There's also all sorts of sealing wax colors and stamp shapes now, like this one that has 20 color options and the stamp is of gingko leaves!

I also like pretty postage, and used some of my "Gifts of Friendship" sakura stamps to further jazz 'em up!

Purple Envelope with Gold Sealing Wax
Wax Seal Supplies
Pretty Stamps
Wax Sealed Envelopes


Dan Tasse said...

This is neat.

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