Flavored Matcha

Sunday, May 22, 2016

For Xmas I was given the very thoughtful gift of a collection of flavored matcha tea. David's Tea no longer sells this exact collection, but it does have the three matcha flavors in a single-serve collection: mocha, mint, and vanilla.

David's Tea Flavored Matcha Collection: Mocha, Mint, and Vanilla
Matcha is a Japanese green tea powder that's usually suuuuper expensive, which is why you often encounter it mixed with cheaper green tea leaves. But sometimes it's nice to enjoy some special matcha all on its own.

Matcha Supplies: A cup of nearly boiling hot water, spoon, whisk, and matcha
You'll need a mug of near-boiling water, a spoon, a whisk, and some matcha.

Two Spoonfuls of Matcha Powder into the Water
Put 2-4 small teaspoons of matcha powder into the water.

Whisk until combined! There is a special bamboo whisk for matcha, but they're a little pricey for a single-purpose item and a metal whisk does a fine job in this case.

Add some milk.
I like to add a bit of milk at the end, super tasty. This is the mocha matcha, which is why it's a bit browner than usual. I imagine the mint matcha should be bright green, then!


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