Warby Parker Glasses

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Warby Parker Glasses
The blogosphere has been talking about Warby Parker for awhile now, but it wasn't until a storefront opened up locally a few months ago that I decided to give them a shot. They have this great plan where they'll mail you ~5 pairs to try on at home, and then you pick the style you like. However, I wanted to try them all on. And so I did! Nothing beats a storefront for trying on 15+ pairs of frames with new shapes on yer face.

It was really a smooth process, and makes you wonder why prescription glasses have to cost a fortune. These were $100 without eye insurance (I do have it, I just chose not to use it). Prescription sunglasses are a bit pricier, so it might be wise to go the traditional prescription route for the sunglasses. A rando stranger complimented me on my Marshall glasses, so I guess that's a win?

I just wish they had adjustable nose pieces. These all-plastic glasses always slip down my nose all day long.

Bonus: Warby Parker donates a chunk of money to eyeglass distribution/charities for those in need, for every pair purchased.

Warby Parker Glasses
Warby Parker


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