Wedding Printable: Kraft Paper Cookie Bags

Friday, October 28, 2016

Step 6: Revel in the awesomeness that is your cookie bags

When a cookie table is a necessity, then cookie bags are too! We wanted to print our own designs in a cookie-bag-design-off, and these were what we ended up with. We purchased these 5" X 7.5" kraft paper bags, drew up some silly nonsense in Adobe Illustrator, then went wild ;)

I've included a couple of the designs above. They're sized to 10in X 14in, so you might need to 'scale to fit page' when you actually print.

How To Use a Home Printer to Print Onto Kraft Paper Bags
The first step really is to figure out what your printer needs in order to feed the bag through properly. Putting the bottom in first did not work (see below). Putting the top in first yielded ink splotches. So we ended up trimming the uneven top of the bags then feeding the top in first and our lil' inkjet was alright with that. Occasionally a small issue here or there, but nothing anyone will notice in a batch of ~100!

Step 1: Figure out what your printer needs
Step 0: Supplies
Step 2: Slice off the top, uneven bag edge
Step 3: It's nice to leave a little bit of the shorter zigzag edge
Step 4: Come up with some sweet bag designs.
Step 5: Print all the bags!
ABS - Always Be Stupevising

Typefaces used: Amatic SC available from FontSquirrel (sweet ending), MF Queen Leela available from dafont (sweet ending), Parchment available from FontPalace (Benny Franks), some others (Pennsylvania cookies), and handwritten with a Bamboo Tablet (Cookies Cookies)


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