Wedding Printable: Escort Cards & Table Numbers

Friday, November 11, 2016

Botanical Escort Cards

There are two rules to wedding DIY:
(1) Only DIY stuff you like (like pressing leaves and Illustrator tracing).
(2) Only DIY stuff, where a failure does not mean catastrophe (i.e., monogram handkerchiefs).

This project meets both of these requirements. If the pressed leaves didn't come out right, then at least the escort cards would look alright on their own. And Mod Podge-ing leaves to cardstock isn't so hard, but it is a nice, long meditative process. I think they came out really, really well.

Botanical Calligraphy Table Numbers
Escort Cards with Pressed Leaves
Escort Cards with Pressed Leaves
Photos below by Caitlin's Living Photography
Wedding: Reception
Wedding: Reception Wedding: Reception

The templates for the Table Number Tents & Escort Cards are below. The actual table number tents used hand-traced calligraphy similar to this from etsy/PrintCutWorld, but below I've swapped it out for MF Queen Leela (copyrights n'at). For the escort cards, you have to play around with the height of the names. In a paper/effort-saving measure, we put all groups onto the same escort card which meant that occasionally the names would spill over into a second line. Reduce font, add line, wiggle the ampersand around until it looks right. Rinse. Repeat.

Edges need to be trimmed to make table tents & escort cards look correct. They should span the entire length of the paper. Table number tents can be folded in the same manner as the Cards Cardstock Table Tents or trimmed to fit into a table marker holder like these from Target. If I were to do it all over again, I might consider spray painting these reasonable priced Wooden Table Numbers with Holder Bases from Amazon. $18 for 20 table number markers is a fantastic deal!

Typefaces: MF Queen Leela (modified with card-spanning extensions), Century Schoolbook, hand-traced calligraphy


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