Adding a Pendant Baroque Pearl to a Perfectly Good Necklace

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Step 7: After a bit of smushing wire flush, necklace is done!

Similar to some other jewelry tutorials around here on BYOV, I decided to chop up an existing necklace and add a striated baroque pearl pendant. I avoided a slight issue with the over-size beading hole in the pearl by purchasing some fancy-ish sterling head pins from JoAnn Fabrics, and creating a little wrap-around head pin loop.

The pearl itself was super reasonably priced from etsy/omtaraBead. I had to go for a medium-ish scale, because any larger and it would throw off the visual balance of the whole piece. However, if one were interested in some intensely stunning giant baroque pearls, I would maybe take a gander at etsy/LandOrSeaGems.

Step 0: Supplies
Step 2: Put Pendant Bead on Head Pin
Step 3: Twist wire into single circle
Step 5: Using pliers, twist head pin around base of circle
Step 6: Trim end of wire
Wedding: Getting Ready
Last photo by Caitlin's Living Photography


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