Brush Pen Calligraphy Class

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Brush Pen Calligraphy Class
A few weeks back I had the chance to take the brush pen calligraphy class at the Handcraft Studio School in El Cerrito. The instructional materials are fairly similar to what you get in the Postman's Knock worksheets/videos. There are some added bonuses to an in-person class: you have someone to ask questions of! You're forced to sit down and actually practice! Human interaction! But I think, going forward I'm okay with style worksheets and practice practice practice.

I really wanted in on the dip pen class, but the timing just wasn't working out. So instead I opted for a little fine tuning of my brush pen practice. Brush pens are fairly easy, you just need to master the up-and-down pressure to vary the thin upstroke with thick downstroke. Some practice drills can help with that. And you can even start with some classic Crayola markers.

Brush Pen Calligraphy Class
Brush Pen Calligraphy Class
Calligraphy when your cat likes paper
Handcraft Studio School in El Cerrito
It turns out that Pentel Sign Pens are sold in a set of 12 at some local Target stores. So you can get your hands on brush pens without waiting the 2-days for Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens or Dual Brush art markers/pens. You can also find the Crayola Super Tips at Target or other craft stores, and the Sakura Pigma Brush and Sakura Koi brush pen on Amazon or
Pentel Sign Pen set available at Target
Brush Pen Calligraphy - Envelopes


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