Plant Inheritance

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dining Room Corner, Now with Plants!

A close friend of mine is moving away this year, leaving me to be consoled solely by the "plant inheritance" I'm receiving. We've had a Christmas Cactus, Mass Cane/Corn Plant, Snake Plant, African Milk Tree, ?Philodendron? Vine, Croton Petra, assorted succulents, Sago Palm, and a halfmostly dead Banana Croton join our merry band of Gloxinia, Dragon Tree/Dracena Marginata, Spider Plants, Spearmint, and my own personal Aloe Vera army.

Re-pottings for all! And cuttings for everyone else!
I appear to be starting a plant pick-up & delivery service, in which money is not exchanged and I barter for things like sourdough starter ;)

Gloxinia, Dracena Marginata, Christmas Cactus, and Spider Plant
Mass Cane / Corn Plant Assorted Succulents from Phipps Conservatory
Sago Palm? With a vine? Snake Plant on Bar Cart

[Edit: This just in, I found my old tub of Jack's Classic 20-20-20! Time to get stripes and colors back in that corn plant & croton petra.]


Unknown said...

Yessss!! That 20-20-20 stuff is the best! It's like plant crack. :) Your indoor garden is looking plentiful, and I am sure good practice for one day when you have your outdoor one.

Victoria said...

looove the interior here !! :)

karen said...

I have many of the same plants! Yours look a tad bit healthier. Sorry your friends moved away but now you have something to remember them by!

missris said...

Beautiful! Some of yours look a lot healthier than our indoor menagerie.

Alicia / Jaybird said...

Those little blue pots are adorable! My indoor garden is slowly growing but we'll have to see what can thrive next to the cold windows in the winter.

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