Knitting for Other People's Babies: Scout Hat & Booties

Sunday, May 7, 2023

It never ends. More people babies!

Scout Hat & Booties

At least this time I managed to use up some leftover yarn from a previous baby knitting project. Still trying to whittle down that yarn stash!

Scout Hat & Booties Scout Hat & Booties

Don't ask me why handknit baby booties always look a bit wonky. They just do.

Knitting from Stash: Hedera Socks in Blue

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Hedera Socks - in Blue Hedera Socks - in Blue

Still had some leftover of this blue yarn from the Pescatarian Socks, so decided to put together another pair of Hedera Socks, maybe this time with tighter gauge! This a lovely, simple pattern. Stupendous effort-to-outcome ratio!

Workin' that Drum Carder

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Drum carding the locks

Finally putting that new [old] drum carder to use! On the gray corriedale x romney x rambouillet fleece.

Cutting off the break in the fleece RomneyxRambouilletxCorriedale Batts

'Gotta cut off the break in the lock before sending through the carder, but so far so good...

Knitting: Fancy Cabled Socks, Pescatarian

Sunday, April 16, 2023

More socks, of course!

Pescatarian Socks Pescatarian Socks I needed another pair of socks for a car-knitting project over Holiday Break, and so ended up with these Pescatarian Socks. Super complicated, yes, but fine for car- and hanging-with-family knitting. Bonus, all of this yarn came from stash!

Pescatarian Socks

The sock pattern already has a left foot and right foot design, so I felt it'd be wise to also shape the toes in the appropriate directions. This seemed to work out alright, and I believe these are my best fitting socks so far (although, it's still a bit loose on the calves).

Knitting for Other People's Babies: Blue Cabled Set

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Peacock Feather Blanket Peacock Feather Blanket

This is the slow-going Peacock Feather Blanket from KnittingUnlimited, accompanied by the Baby Hat with Staggered Cables, done up in Baby Bee Sweet Delight 'Summer Sky' yarn. I think they make quite the handsome pair!

Baby Hat with Staggered Cables Peacock Feather Blanket

The cat is as helpful as ever with this task...

Cat Helps Knit

Spinning: The Txoatile Drop Spindle

Sunday, April 2, 2023

When learning to handspin yarn, I sort of skipped right over drop spindles and into spinning wheels. And honestly, I'm very glad I made that decision! Spinning Wheels are faster, and it's a little easier to develop the muscle memory for drafting the fibers.

Using a Basque Spindle / Txoatile Using a Basque Spindle / Txoatile

But now I've decided to dabble a bit with drop spindles. Much simpler, much cheaper, but essentially the same outcome. I've started with this Txoatile or Basque Spindle from etsy/MuddyDuckWorkshop which is very niche, but one of my guild members told me it just spins and spins. So I jumped right in!

I like this video from Spinning Shadows Fiber Arts for figuring out how to start and actually spin. And this video from Sarah Dunham-Miliotis is great for learning how to wind onto the Basque spindle to make a center pull ball. The Internet is a fantastic information source, who knew?!

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