Monday, September 21, 2009

Can anyone identify the red + salmon colored flowers? I got them at the Ithaca farmer's market and I don't know what they are (chrysanthemums?).


Mollie said...

those are beautiful and i think they might be chrysanthemums. did you see those chrysanthemum cupcakes martha stewart did some time back? those we lovely and delicious-looking too.

Cresten said...

Hydraniums (if only they existed...)

h said...

Chrysanthemum Cupcakes
That woman is insane.

elizabeth said...

The greenish centre of the salmon one makes me think it's a 'mum, but the thick piles of petals of the red one look very like a zinnia to me.

Zinnias were common in gardens when I was a kid- very easy to grow, and they last forever as cut flowers- but I haven't ever seen them in markets. Perhaps they're considered too common?

Anonymous said...

The red and salmon flowers are dahlias.

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