How To: Make Your Own Starburst Mirror

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Starburst Mirror on Wall

I did this project awhile ago, but a post on Steeltown Anthem inspired me to finally post about the mirror here. I keep moving it around my apartment (and it gets beat up each time), but here the starburst mirror is, in its current condition. The instructions are fairly simple, enjoy.

Step 0: Materials
Bamboo wooden dowels (the kind you use for shish kebabs)
Circular mirrors of assorted sizes (one larger than the rest)
Silver spray paint
Hot glue gun and/or duct tape

Step 1: Spray paint the wooden dowels silver
Spray paint one side of the dowels, flip over, spray paint the other side, let dry.
Starburst Mirror Back

Step 2: Hot glue & duct tape dowels to the back of the large mirror
This step is sort of hodge-podge. Just use whatever you have at hand to ensure that the dowels stick to the back of the mirror. I used mostly hot glue, reinforced with duct tape.
Starburst Mirror Back Closeup

Step 3: Flip mirror over to the "right side" and attach smaller mirrors to dowels with hot glue
Starburst Mirror Front

Step 4: Hang your new starburst mirror on the wall, you're done!
I like to secure my mirror with some double-sided tape on the back, and a wire nail at the bottom of the mirror.
Dinette Wall (as of 2/13/10)


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