And I'M the one in grad school...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I may be knee-deep in homework, but that doesn't mean the assignments don't somehow belong in this blog's theme of stuff-I-can-make-with-my-hands. That's right. Electronic prototyping and googly eyes do indeed go together.

Here's some assorted images I generated for how the technical/electrical parts work. Layouts are made with Fritzing which are 50 times easier to understand than a schematic (if you're a beginner). It's basically an Arduino Duemilanove with an SN754410NE H-bridge, and push button + resistor, running two DC motors.

All of this has been MacGyver-ed to the back of a third-grader quality diorama. Animated butterfly, bunny, scenery, and mechanisms were made of assorted materials: construction paper, googly eyes, craft foam, foam board, popsicle sticks, craft wire, paint, hot glue, and pizza box.

And I burnt my thumb on a hot glue gun for this.


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