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Sunday, April 24, 2011

They look like tiny aliens...


J tried to grow some oyster mushrooms from a birthday oyster mushroom kit. I'd say it was an 80% success. If we could figure out when to pick those buggers, we could've done a lot better. The company I ordered the kit from was so incompetent, I won't mention them here (*cough*BTTR Ventures*cough*). BUT there's plenty of other reasonable grow-your-own mushroom kits out there: Mushroom Adventures, Fungi Perfecti, and Far West Fungi.

First signs

TheKitchn has a review on a Mushroom Adventures kit. It really is very easy to grow these (i.e., soak overnight, mist 2x per day for a week). I would say it was idiot-proof, except that we failed. Pick them sooner rather than later!



PuNk rAwK pUrL said...

I am obsessed with mushrooms. i eat them all the time. i had them in my dinner & will have the leftovers scrambled into an egg for breakfast tomorrow.

I should look into one of these kits.

CoCoon said...

Wow, what an amazing thing to grow yourself. G.I.Y! I love it. You should have it as a banner on your blog. Thanks for the comment and for loving my sunnies.... Totally like the link you sent me... those are so cool because they are eco-friendly. I thrifted mine for like $1 ... so I guess I did my part recycling!

Nadine said...

I saw that kit at Whole Foods the other day and was so curious!

Nicole said...

I hate mushrooms. Well, eating them, I hate. Yet I am fascinated by them. I always take pictures of mushrooms when I see them growing somewhere. They are so weird and interesting looking. But as far as eating them, I consider them to be the dingleberries of food.

h said...

Thanks for the comments! The kit does "work", and I highly recommend trying it out :)

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