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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


And now, for that wedding by the lake I mentioned several weeks ago! Between vacation and moving, it's taken awhile for J and I to get through the photo edits, but I think we're finally done! ...although, now that I think of it, there's some shots in a film SLR I have...

This time I played lead photographer along with the help of J and his fifteen year old nephew to make sure all the key moments/events/stuffs were captured. I think we did well, the photos came out looking lovely. There was a beautiful sunset, a beautiful ceremony, and an even more beautiful backdrop. How could everything not come out lovely?

Congrats to the happy family :)

DSC_1323.jpg DSC_0873.jpg
DSC_0295.jpg DSC_0675.jpg
DSC_0996.jpg DSC_0618.jpg


missris said...

I think not only do I want to learn more about sewing from you but if you could teach me to be a photography master too, that would be awesome. I can repay you in margaritas and cookies.

h said...

Oh man. I am soooo not a photography master. BUT I do enjoy taking photos, attending happy weddings, and learning, so. It sort of naturally progresses...

Mollie said...

nice work, iris!

rooth said...

Those are gorgeous shots and the lake and tent are just lovely. It's so nice that you were able to contribute to their event in that way

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