Semi-Success: Oil-Poached Tomato Sauce

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Oil Poached Tomato Sauce

I tried this oil poached tomato sauce recipe from CookingClassy and just ended up with a really oily chunky tomato sauce. Maybe I didn't have the heat on high enough. Who knows! I did swap ~4 halved vine-ripened tomatoes for the cherry tomatoes, and tossed in some basil flakes instead of fresh basil. It was still tasty...just not magical.

Maybe my expectations are too high, if I'm expecting magic.

Oil Poached Tomato Sauce


Jenna @ said...

This is the story of my cooking life. Expectations always exceed reality! Haha

At least your plate is lovely even if the sauce was meh :)

Jim said...

Tasted good, even if it was tomato-noodle-slop.

Unknown said...

Magical people can only survive on magical I think your expectations are simply natural.

Serious culinary crime at my house: only 50% of us here love red sauce, the other 25% prefers pesto, and the last 25% will only eat noodles tossed in olive oil.

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