Annual Snack Day

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Naturebox Month 1
For annual snack day (aka The Superbowl) we're nomming on a random assortment of stuffs from Naturebox, a healthy-ish snack delivery service that's actually reasonably priced (even moreso if you do their Groupon offer: $35 for 3 months of 5 snacks = $2.30 per bag). I could eat the Guacamole Bites and Mandarin Garlic Peas until I explode. So it's probably good these things only come once a month!

I've realized that advertisements (TV, web, magazine, etc) have stopped working on me. Watching a JC Penney television ad does not make me want to buy my clothing there, but if the bloggers I read are recommending something (even if they're just reviewing via a sponsored post) then there's a fair chance I'll give it a chance. It's how I found out about Naturebox. But this is also why you have to be very careful about sponsored posts versus honesty. Everything comes down to trust. I can pretty much guarantee no one will ever give me money to say anything ever. Unless we're talking about grant applications or doctoral consortiums, but that's something different ;)

Naturebox Month 1


My Garden Diaries said...

This is pretty brilliant! A box of healthy snacks is something I would be interested in for my fam...thanks for sharing this one! Nicole

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