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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Japan Photo Book
After a year in the making (photo-taking, procrastinating, uploading, layout-ing, copy/pasting) my Japan photobook from Picaboo has finally arrived! It's a nice way to use digital photos in a physical form, and I also find them handy for remembering past itineraries.

This time around I inserted a bunch of my blog posts from that time period, to help put some of the photos in context. I also switched to a photo cover book, away from leather cut-out window books, mostly because they're cheaper. Photo covers have the side effect of looking more like an actual coffee table book.

I pretty much always wait for a Picaboo Groupon of $35 for $100 of products. This book cost $95, without the Groupon, it would've been $160. Most books I make aren't 140 pages so they don't cost nearly this much, but my 13 weeks in Japan were particularly photogenic!

Japan Photo Book
Japan Photo Book
Japan Photo Book


rooth said...

Oh they look beautiful - what a lovely way to remember your trip

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I LOVE Picaboo!

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