Pittsburgh Artwork

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pittsburgh Artwork (low res)
I thought I'd bring up my [slightly outdated] How To Trace Objects in Adobe Illustrator tutorial for the purposes of highlighting some of the Pittsburgh artwork I have around the house. With a bit of Illustrator skill, you can take a piece of artwork you like, such as '4 Seasons in Chicago' by Ryan Kapp or this 'I love my city print red' by Judy Kaufmann, and adjust some of the features to your liking. For example, I remade the 4 seasons print, but with Pittsburgh sights in the background, and my own assortment of people in the foreground. For the 'I love my city' print, I replaced the city in the background with my own, replaced the bird with a butterfly, changed the coloring, and also gave the bicyclist a helmet!

'Just a couple examples about how you can take inspiration from others' work, combine with a bit of basic graphic design knowledge, and create some personalized unique artwork on your own.

Pittsburgh Artwork (low res)
Original inspiration, '4 Seasons in Chicago' by Ryan Kapp
Pittsburgh Artwork (low res)
Original inspiration, 'I love my city print' by Judy Kaufmann

[P.S. The Cathedral of Learning and downtown Pittsburgh skyline outlines are the same in both of these prints I made!]


missris said...

I love that you gave the bicycle rider a helmet.

h said...

Safety first!

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